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Save My Films uses a TRUE frame-by-frame transfer process for your films. Each frame is scanned and processed individually and then converted to a video format of your choice. We scan each and every frame of your film and use only cool LED light sources. Your film is never in danger of heat exposure from old super hot projector lamps of the past. This means no burning or melting danger ever! Unlike typical transfer companies that use projectors and 1CCD telecine camera equipment, Save My Films uses a high quality HD cameras to image off the sharper, emulsion side of the film. The results are crisp, clean color rich films just like the originals.


DVD or Digital files provide exceptional picture quality and durability over videotape formats. Over time, videotapes degrade, by transferring your videotaped content to high-quality, long-lasting DVDs or digital files you can relive your special memories and be sure that they will be safe for years to come. Once transferred to DVD or digital files they are much easier to edit, share, and upload to video sharing sites like Youtube.


The prices listed are a guide for you to develop a budget. In most cases with larger orders a short consultation may be in order to develop a price structure that will work best for your budget and timeline. There are also several forms of content and ways to process that content, that may influence the overall cost of your work. If you are unsure about what you have or if you need extra help figuring out what you want please feel free to contact us.

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Save My Films takes great care to ensure the best results in media conversion and migration. Film transfers are one of our main services. We use a frame by frame film transfer system with HD imaging.Your film is cleaned prior to transfer. It is then loaded in to a custom built telecine transfer system that is equipped with LED illumination. LED lighting produces almost no heat and is perfectly color balanced. It provides and very safe transfers for older delicate film and produces excellent results. Each frame of film is scanned into a separate digital image. Once this long sequence of film images are in digital form, then we apply the right film speed to ensure your film plays back at the same speed it was shot. Finally when the image is perfect, its converted to the file format of your choice or transferred to DVD. we also offer uploading formats for on-line video hosting.



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Save My Films is based in Sunny Portland Oregon, well it's sunny here a few days out of the year at least. We were founded in 2003 as an outlab service center for many of the local photo development shops here. We were able to provide services that many smaller photo labs were unable to provide for their customers.

We continued to grow and expand to include large corporate customers as well as governmental clients like the Department of Energy. We found that there was a vast amount of media sitting on shelves, in boxes in basements and garages that people wanted to some how convert to new usable formats. We provide the talent, equipment and knowledge to help customers migrate there old media, to new formats. Films, video tapes, extinct file formats, slides and all the rest, find a new life as stable, and usable digital media.

We handle everything from a few rolls of 8mm film in a shoebox, to large library archives. We give your media new life by moving it forward. Contact us for a detailed description of service options and clear road map to save your aging content. Get more out of your media, with Save My Films host of media services.

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